If you’ve been using CBD and making the most out of its therapeutic benefits, you may find yourself lamenting about why and how CBD hadn’t come a bit sooner to liberate you from your misery. Did you, however, know that CBD has been in existence since time immemorial? Oh yes! It has been around all along. Only recently has news about its benefits and uses grown exponentially in popularity. In this post, we are going to look at what is known as CBD isolate. If you’re an avid user of CBD, you may have heard of this term but do you really know what it means? Let’s do you the onus of shedding light on this substance then.

When we talk of CBD isolate, we are talking about a product that contains nothing but CBD. CBD isolate presents CBD in its most concentrated form. Let’s delve a little deeper here. Marijuana and industrial Indian hemp are sub-species of the cannabis plant. In every cannabis plant, there are certain compounds called cannabinoids. These compounds are responsible for the effects that users experience when they make use of the plant in one form or the other. In both marijuana and hemp, there are two prominent compounds called THC and CBD even though there are many others as well. THC, as it’s well known is that substance that gives marijuana the notoriety of causing people to get “high” because of its psychoactive properties.

CBD – extracted from the hemp plant – on the other hand, offers tons of health benefits without any of the mind-altering effects that accompany THC. Whilst some actively seek out THC, others choose to have none of it and would prefer to make the most out of CBD without THC’s influence.

Now, when extracted from the hemp plant, CBD contains some THC, albeit in very minimal amounts. True, this amount of THC may be 0.3% or even less but it doesn’t change the fact that it can and will show up in one’s system. CBD isolate thus presents the most potent form of CBD by literally isolating CBD from all plant matter in the hemp plant from which CBD is extracted including oil, waxes, chlorophyll etc. THC is also removed presenting a pure, crystalline powder containing 99% pure CBD.

How CBD isolate is made
The beginning processes of extracting CBD isolate is just any other extraction process to get CBD. After the initial process of extracting CBD, all other plant materials including THC which must all be removed. A purification process which involves filtration thereafter follows where these plant materials are removed. Later a process known as “winterization” takes place that further removes all remaining plant materials and waxes that had refused to make way during the filtration process. What you get is a fine, white powder made of 99% pure CBD.

How should CBD isolate be used?
There are many ways by which you could use CBD isolate. You can place a bit of the powdered substance in a teaspoon and take sublingually by placing directly beneath your tongue and holding it there for about a minute. This gives it straight access to the bloodstream so as to provide very quick relief where it matters. You may also sprinkle a portion of the powdered substance into a glass of juice or smoothie and enjoy. Note, however that putting CBD into hot beverages can nullify its potency beyond a certain degree. CBD isolate could also mixed with oils like coconut oil to create some form of topical to be applied directly on the skin to treat sore muscles, aches, etc.