CBD has been growing in popularity for a quite a long while now. One of the main reasons that account for this is because many CBD users have found that the compound is able to relieve them from many ailments and conditions that other more conventional forms of medications have failed to provide them relief from. With more and more people embracing the compound, the floodgate of opportunities have since flung wide open for entrepreneurs to hop on board and begin the process of producing a wide range of CBD products in the form of toil tinctures, pills, creams, vapes and many more.

One very famous CBD product that has been of particular interest to lots of people is the CBD oil. Another popular product is CBD vape oil. Now, the CBD oil and the CBD vape oil bear a lot of resemblances. This made and still makes a lot of people confused as to which one to go in for. While many think they are one and the same thing and could be used either way, it isn’t so. Yes, they may be from the same extract. Nonetheless, what differentiates them both is the way they were designed to be used. Let’s go into more detail by taking them one at a time.

CBD oil is made with its oral way of consumption in min. When making CBD oil, there is the need to soak the hemp plant including its leaves and flowers into grain alcohol. The mixture of the hemp plant and grain alcohol is then later placed on a low heat setting for the hemp plant (leaves and flowers) to not only allow the release of their active ingredients into the grain alcohol, but also to allow the solvent to evaporate, leaving behind the oil. CBD oil can also be extracted using the CO2 method. With this method, the oil is extracted by forcing CO2 through the plant. This results in a more concentrated form of CBD which ought to be diluted using very specific types of oils so the CBD oil is able to be digested by the body.

CBD vape oil
What makes CBD vape oils vastly dissimilar to CBD oil is that vape oils are designed so that they only can be used in vapes and e-cigarettes. Whiles CBD oil is a bit too thick to be used in vapes or e-cigarettes, CBD vape oil isn’t. Therefore, when producing oil vapes, the concentrated CBD is often diluted with a thinning agent and other ingredients like vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

So there you have it; the differences between CBD oil and CBD vape oil. Now you know why they aren’t the same and why they shouldn’t be confused with each other. While the benefits of CBD remains the same whichever way you choose to use the compound, the method you finally choose basically boils down to preference. You may give both a try and settle for the one you feel appeals more to you.