You may be oblivious to this fact but did you know that oil extracted from the hemp plants holds so many benefits for your hair? Yes, you read that right; it’s the hemp plant. Filled with a variety of fatty acids, proteins, vitamins other nutrients that the hair so craves, we are going to today take a close look at 3 ways by which hemp oil could benefit your hair. By now, it’s likely some of you may be in over your heads about how the hemp plant could be of may benefit to man. We understand your concern and are willing to help you grasp every concept spelled out in this article.

First of all, the hemp plant shouldn’t be confused with marijuana. True, they both are varieties of the cannabis plant but that doesn’t mean that they are one and the same thing. I know the fact that they look alike may also play a part in making it hard to dispel your misconception that marijuana and the hemp plant are the same.

Marijuana contains the compound popularly known as THC in very significant amounts whereas the industrial hemp plant contains this compound in very limited amounts (0.3% or less). Now, THC is a psychoactive compound and is responsible for that “high” feeling that consumers of marijuana experience. This makes marijuana illegal in many countries.

Industrial hemp is, however considered legal in many parts of the U.S and the world at large. With hemp oil used to produce all manner of products including topical creams, tinctures, vapes, capsules and many more for the benefit of man’s health, it is not surprising that the industrialization of the hemp plant is beginning to gather massive pace.

Among the many benefits of hemp oil, it can also be used to make shampoos, oil gels or conditioning agents to be used on the hair. We look at how beneficial hemp oil as an ingredient in these products can benefit your hair

Hemp oil keeps the scalp and hair moisturized.
For one’s hair to always be kept in very good condition there has to be some amount of moisture in the hair to keep it from drying out excessively. This is especially true for those who find themselves in drier climates where it doesn’t take long for one’s skin and hair to begin drying out. Considering hemp oil has moisturizing properties, it can help keep the hair consistently moist by not only infiltrating the hair and scalp with moisture but also act as a shield, preventing excessive loss of water from the hair.

Hemp oil helps in hair growth
For hair to grow and grow well, it needs certain nutrients like Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids which hemp oil contains in liberal amounts. Also, we all know that our hair is made of keratin. It is important to note that 90% of this keratin is made of protein. Hemp oil is able to provide the hair with just the right amount of protein it needs for growth. Hemp oil is also able to stimulate the proper circulation of blood within the scalp so that hair follicles are well nourished to support the growth of hair.

Hemp oil helps to prevent hair breakages
When hair becomes too dry, it tends to become weak and then starts breaking. Finding our hairs beginning to break and fall can become very unpleasant and frustrating for many of us. Fortunately, hemp oil can cause our to grow stronger by maintaining its natural texture and by invigorating the scalp to support our hair better.

Many people, especially women tend to experience problems with their hair every now and then. Thankfully, hemp oil can help put many of these hair problems to rest without breaking sweat.


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